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At Futurelogic, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their full potential. As experts in growth acceleration, product development, and sustainable business design, we partner with visionary founders and investors like you to shape the future of your company.

Hands-on approach

Partner with us and we’ll immerse ourselves in the everyday decisions and operations of your company. Together, we’ll transform your business practices, building on a foundation of mutual understanding and shared risk. Our engagement will be finalized with an agreement tailored to your needs.


We are involved in the day-to-day operations of a company. This is a much larger time and resource commitment compared to providing advice from afar. We need to understand the minute details of a company’s operations, which requires more time and effort.


We act not just as an advisor, but an active participant in the implementation of strategies. This means we shares in the responsibility for the outcomes. If the company does not perform well, it could reflect poorly on us.


We have a broad range of skills. We are able to understand and work within a variety of company cultures, operational structures, and industry contexts. Finding consultants with such adaptability and breadth of knowledge can be challenging.

Unlock your business’s potential for growth, innovation, and transformation with our suite of specialized services.

Let’s work together


Developing and implementing comprehensive plans to expand a company’s market share, revenue, and overall size. We assess the business’s current position, identify growth opportunities, and create tailored strategies that align with the company’s objectives, resources, and market dynamics.


Focusing on creating and improving products to meet evolving customer needs and staying ahead of the competition. We work with the company to identify opportunities, develop concepts, test and validate ideas, and guide the implementation of new or enhanced products that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Building sales

Strengthening a company’s sales function by optimizing sales processes, enhancing sales team skills, and implementing effective sales management practices. We evaluate the current sales structure, identify gaps, and deliver customized training, tools, and strategies to boost sales performance and revenue generation.

Leadership team

Founded by Michael, a Nottingham Business School graduate, our experienced team has helped dozens of small and medium-sized companies become bigger, better, and more resilient.

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Discover which organizations similar to yours have achieved their strategic goals through our partnerships. From innovative startups to companies looking to scale across various industries, we’ve tackled unique challenges and guided them toward becoming growing organizations.