Our hands-on approach delivers high value, but it’s a more complex, demanding business model that not every firm is equipped to undertake.

Because of big challenges and risks, many consultancy firms opt for a more traditional, advisory role. They can work with more clients at once, and while they provide guidance, they aren’t directly responsible for implementing their advice or the outcomes of those decisions.

We are staking our reputation on the line by embracing the potential for setbacks. The engagement of consultants is based on a final agreement with the client.


We are involved in the day-to-day operations of a company. This is a much larger time and resource commitment compared to providing advice from afar. We need to understand the minute details of a company’s operations, which requires more time and effort.


We act not just as an advisor, but an active participant in the implementation of strategies. This means we shares in the responsibility for the outcomes. If the company does not perform well, it could reflect poorly on us.


We have a broad range of skills. We need to be able to understand and work within a variety of company cultures, operational structures, and industry contexts. Finding consultants with such adaptability and breadth of knowledge can be challenging.


By involving ourselves in the day-to-day operations of a business, we might expose ourselves to potential legal or financial risks if something goes wrong.


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